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Storage API $


This section describes API methods for creating, deleting and changing files and directories in your storage and for creating and getting transcode tasks.

General information

  • Required headers: CDN-AUTH-TOKEN (authorization token, see Authorization)
  • Response Content-Type: application/json
  • All responses, including errors, has the body with the same structure: there always (except for 204 No Content) is status key; in case of success responses there is data key with response data where it is applicable, otherwise there might be description key with error description.
  • Possible status key values:

    Response code status
    200, 201 Completed
    202 Partially completed
    4xx, 5xx Some error value

Common errors

You can get one of the following errors as a result of any request:

Response code status description Description
401 Unauthorized Invalid token No token header provided
403 Forbidden No domain created Storage hasn't been initialized*
403 Forbidden Invalid account Wrong account in the provided URL
404 Not Found - Wrong URL
405 Method Not Allowed Method is not allowed You are not allowed to perform an action**
500 Internal Server Error - Internal server error


* - to initialize storage for your account you should make a POST request "Create file/directory" with any path
** - one of possible reasons - expired token (see Authorization)

Request example

curl ''

Error response example

  "status": "Unauthorized",
  "description": "Invalid token"