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Getting the list of Nodes


Getting the list of IP addresses of nodes that can access the origin.


The list of IP addresses can change, so we recommend regularly requesting addresses via the API to periodically update the list.

Recommended frequency of requests: 1 time per day.


  • Method: GET
  • Headers: CDN-AUTH-TOKEN
  • Response Data Type: JSON Object

Response Codes and their Meanings

Status Code Response Data Response Format Description
200 Ip addresses JSON Nodes list
400 None None Bad request
401 None None Unauthorized
403 None None Forbidden
500 None None Internal Server Error
503 None None Service unavailable

Request Example

Request example

curl -H 'cdn-auth-token:cdn2_2YXPIWIYRT15SZGQ2Q0JN362PUDXIE' ''

Successful response example

    "node_list": [
        "", "", ""