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Wowza GoCoder Configuring

Wowza GoCoder is a free application for mobile live streaming.

Wowza GoCoder characteristics:

  • A free application
  • Streaming from a mobile phone
  • Operational stability
  • Full HD streaming

Step 1. Setting up the encoder

To start working with the encoder, you should first download the free application and install it to your mobile device (iOS or Android):

Step 2. Configuring the encoder

Start with ensuring that the mobile device is connected to the Internet.

Launch Wowza GoCoder. Configure stream options by touching the settings icon in the upper right corner of the app.


We would recommend to apply the following settings:

  • Stream: Video + Audio
  • Video Settings: leave without changes
  • Video Size: 640×480

Keep other configurations set up by default.

Also set the Bit Rate to 700 kbps, it can be done in the lower left corner on the main screen of the app.


Click Wowza logo in the upper right corner next to settings icon:


Open the “Wowza Streaming Engine” tab:


Type the server address into the «Host» field, in our example:

(the link is specified without rtmp:// at the beginning as well as without /livemaster at the end).

You will find the data for the following fields in the “Setup Instructions” section under “Publication Links”.

  • Server = URL primary
  • Port 1935 leave it unchanged.



Now go back to the “Wowza Streaming Engine” page and specify your login in the “Application” section.

You will find the data for the following fields in the “Setup Instructions” section under “Publication Links”.

  • Stream Name = Streams



Wowza GoCoder doesn’t provide streaming of different qualities at the same time.


Go back to main screen and click the red button to start streaming.

Step 3. Stream Publication

  • You’ll see information and status of the stream on the screen.
  • If the previous point didn't work - please ensure that you filled all the fields correct.
  • There is a “Microphone” icon on the screen - it allows to switch sound off and on without any interference into streaming.


Step 4. Stream checking and embedding the player into a website.

Open the “Player” tab in your account.

Here you may watch your stream and copy the player code for embedding it into a webpage.